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Espace Passion’s pet shop located in Saint Denis Lès Bourg (01) is our CONCEPT store

Every day we analyse customer expectations, and our “products” technical department sets up the necessary tests and analysis to determine which articles will perform well in our Espace Passion partner shops.

The success of our “CONCEPT” pet shop is the one we wish to reproduce for our partner shops. It is based on:

- Your location’s quality
- The complete range of “Les recettes de Daniel”. Products with high added value (quality, recurrence, loyalty, no intermediaries)
- The appropriate supplier selection
- The quality of our trainings in communication and sales development strategies



Our stores’ concept

  • Surface, trading area and location

An Espace Passion franchise is particularly performant in medium sized cities, 30.000 to 60.000 inhabitants, with a trading area of 20 to 30 km around the shop.

The visibility of your pet shop is the most efficient sort of communication. The reference criterion for visibility remains road traffic. It should be higher than 15.000 vehicles per day.

The sales surface is usually 200 to 300 square meters, an Espace Passion pet store is located in the outskirts, at the heart or close to a commercial area and next to a major route of entry into the city.


  • Universe

Dogs and cats oriented, our shops also offer exotic pets, birds, barnyard, fishes and horse products.


  • Inert pet store

We do not offer live animals to sell for several reasons:

- Our concerns for the well-being and socialization of animals. Behind a window or in a cage, animals suffer from consumer’s stress, temperature variations in store, and from a moderate hygiene. All this stress can only be harmful to their health and reinforce their fear towards humankind.
- Thanks to our brand: “Les recettes de Daniel”, we encounter professional breeders as consumers. Selling live animals could affect them and compete with their core business.
- Live animals are also and constraint in a shop. They require specific diplomas and are time consuming when it comes to care and hygiene.
- Fish sets and showcases are expansive and require daily maintenance.


  • Consulting, the key to your success

Our entire development strategy for shop is oriented towards our sales teams’ knowledge and consulting capacity. As a specialized shop, our consumers expect qualitative personalized advice.

Just as a reminder, an unsatisfied consumer will talk (badly) of your shop 10 times more than a satisfied one.

The commercial fiber is innate, but knowledge and awareness can be acquired. In this sense, our teams support you throughout your development process.


Our support

We accompany you along all development stages of your Espace Passion pet shop.

  • Creation of the shop

We will use our expertise to select with you the best location. Our subsidiary specialized in real estate can support you for adjustments to be made. Our marketing department will design with you the outdoor and indoor signage, in accordance with the graphic chart established throughout the network.

Depending on the shop’s surface, we will provide help in the layout of the store, to optimize the route’s direction inside and the products’ visibility.

Our network facilitator will be present during the layout of the shop and the product’s implantation. He will be present for the shop’s opening, to support you during the first sales.

  • Training

The best training comes from terrain experience. Thus, before any opening of a franchise, we welcome the future franchisee for 4 weeks in our Saint Denis Lès Bourg concept store.

Accountancy, purchase optimization, software use, facing, product training, sales pitch …etc.

  • Computer system

We implemented a computer system perfectly compatible with our industry in order to facilitate the point of sale management: commercial management, inventory management, statistical monitoring …

We prescribe optimized hardware, related to the sales software (Operating system, barcode readers, printers…)

  • Sales development support

Our integrated marketing department imagine and designs communication tools to increase your notoriety and brand image.

The communication can be physical: flyers, flags, posters, billboards, signs, POP and IOP ; or digital: social medias, website, emailing, text messages…

We also develop recruiting tools and consumer loyalty tools, proposing seasonal offers, a performing reward system…



Our franchise program’s commercial policy is different from other contracts usually offered. Indeed, we review and offer support/partnership solutions on the long run. Our objective, just like yours, is to imagine a successful and sustainable cooperation, that will not result in costs and charges that would affect the proper development of an efficient partnership.

We are looking for partners with a strong sense of contact, a knowledge of business environment, some motivation and an entrepreneurial mind. Passion for animals and pets is naturally at the base of a development reflection for a pet shop franchise.

Thus we review the opportunities focusing on:

- Location
- Surface
- Financial conditions to create an Espace Passion concept store

For further details, do not hesitate to reach us at :