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  • Premium


    Discover the Essentiel range of croquettes, made from poultry meat and perfectly balanced for all dog breeds.

  • Super premium

    Super premium

    Duck based, Les recettes de Daniel super premium for dogs do have a really high digestibility rate, and a very strong appetence.

  • Grain free

    Grain free

    Grain free and enriched in fresh meat, Les recettes de Daniel fit the metabolisms of the most demanding dogs.

  • Feli Croc

    Feli Croc

    Made of poultry or fish, the Feli Croc range of croquettes is perfectly balanced and very appetent for each cat.

  • Les recettes de Daniel

    Les recettes de Daniel

    Kitten, adult, sterilized, senior, discover our premium croquettes range for cats, low grain and abundant in meat adapted to their metabolism.

  • Super premium food

    Super premium food

    Imagined in collaboration with a veterinary, Doctor Marien, and the CFAF. Discover the only croquette entirely adapted to ferrets.

  • Marshall imports

    Marshall imports

    Espace Passion imports Marshall products from the US, Marshall is the world leader for ferrets accessories. Available on

  • Fur beauty

    Fur beauty

    Discover our cod liver oil, salmon oil and other food supplements, which will contribute to the fur beauty of your animal.

  • Oral hygiene

    Oral hygiene

    Thanks to deer antlers, your dog will play and maintain its dentition at the same time. Natural minerals source it is very resistant and naturally appetent.

  • Joints


    Articalm is a vermicelli made of chondroitin, glucosamine and natural arpagophytum that soothes and rebuilds joints.

  • Intestinal hygiene

    Intestinal hygiene

    Purify the internal parasites of your dog or your cat without jeopardising their intestinal flora using this particularly efficient food supplement.